№ 2-2018

Dependence of Body Weight on Age for Random-Bred Albino Rat and for Eight Lines of Laboratory Rat: Synthetic Studies of Data from Experimental Works and Nurseries in Aspect of the Relationship with Radiosensitivity. Some Characteristics of Rat Species
A.N. Koterov, L.N. Ushenkova, E.S. Zubenkova, A.A. Wainson, A.P. Biryukov, A.S. Samoylov


№ 3-2015

Polonium-210 Version of Arafat’s Death: the Results of Russian Investigation
V.V. Uyba, K.V. Kotenko, L.A. Ilyin, Yu.E. Kvacheva, Yu.V. Abramov, I.A. Galstyan, A.K. Guskova, B.A. Kukhta, N.M. Nadezhina, V.А. Stebelkov, A.G. Tsovyanov, S.M. Shinkarev, V.N. Iatsenko


№ 2-2015

Nuclear Physical Method for the Detection of Chemical Elements in Biological and other Samples Using Activation by Charged Particles
V.F. Demin, A.A. Antsiferova, Yu.P. Buzulukov, V.A. Demin, V.Yu. Soloviev


№ 4-2013

Review of the Radiation Accidents Consequences in the Former USSR Territory (Burnasyan FMBC of FMBA of Russia Register Data)
V.Yu. Soloviev, A.V. Barabanova, A.Yu. Bushmanov, A.K.Guskova, L.A. Ilyin


№ 3-2013

Space Radiation Hazards and Strategies for Astronaut/Cosmonaut Protectiona)
J.A. Jones, M. Epperly, J. Law, R. Scheuring, C. Montesinos, D. Popov, V. Maliev, K. Prasad, J. Greenberg


№ 5-2012

Experimental Research of Zinc Oxide-labeled Nanoparticles Biokinetics in Rats’ Organism after Single Oral dministration by Labeled Atoms Technology
K.V. Kotenko, I.K. Belyaev, Yu.P. Buzulukov, А.Yu. Bushmanov, V.F. Demin, I.V. Gmoshinski, E.S. Zhorova, V.S. Kalistratova, N.S. Marchenkov, P.G. Nisimov, R.V. Raspopov, V.Yu. Soloviev