1. All the articles should be sent via e-mail to be accepted by editorial office. The rules of application procedure are offered to authors at the first issue of each volume of journal in both Russian and English. If the rules are not observed, articles will not be accepted.

2. All the received articles are to be registered in journal, then set into card-file and subsequently submitted for reviewing. The institution of reviewers currently numbers at least 100 scientists, which are: Ph.Ds, Doctors of Sciences, Professors and Academicians.

3. The reviewing order was defined during the sitting of editorial board as “Single- blind” (anonymous) method that means the reviewer knows the author’s name when the author does not. This method takes the third place (out of four) according to so called “reviewing scale” yielding in its complexity and efficiency only to “Double-blind” method. The advantages of applied method give us an opportunity to come to decisions, which fairness is independent from the author’s influence, what hopefully helps to improve the quality of articles.

4. In case of positive review the editorial office kindly asks the reviewer to provide a written opinion on possibility of article publication. In this regard, the author of the article will be informed by the editorial office about the positive opinion of reviewer. However, if the reviewer has any remarks on the article, the author will receive comments from the editorial office. After the refining process, the article should be sent again for revision to the editorial office. It is further noted, that there were some cases of double or triple repetition of this procedure until the positive opinion is reached.

5. In case of negative review the “Single-blind” method of reviewing procedure repeats with the assistance of another reviewer. If the second review is negative as well, the article will be discussed by members of editorial board.

6. The final and obligatory reviewing stage is the open discussion of all the articles during the sitting of editorial board (in both negative and positive cases). The materials of sittings are to be entered in the minutes and signed by the chairman and the secretary (managing editor).

7. The information on the article accepted for publication is issued via e-mail in three working days. The authors will receive the information on expected issue of journal, as well. The editorial office will send a printed version of the article to the author and an electronic one, if desired, after the edition of the journal.