Medical Radiology and Radiation Safety. 2016. Vol. 61. No. 2. P. 25-29


A.A. Wainson, V.V. Mescherikova, S.I. Tkachev

Radio-Thermomodifying Effects of Cisplatin, Gemzar and Paclitaxel on Tumor Cells in Vitro

N.N. Blokhin Russian Cancer Research Center, Moscow, Russia, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Purpose: To study the modification of radiation, hyperthermic and radio-hyperthermic damage of tumor cells in vitro by chemotherapeutic agents – cisplatin, gemzar and paclitaxel.

Material and methods: SCC7 and V-79 cells in suspension were gamma-irradiated or treated with hyperthermia (42 °C, 30 min) in the presence of one of these compounds. The radio- or thermomodifying effects were estimated according to the decrease in cell clonogenicity of suppression of their growth.

Results: Щsplatin, 1μg/ml, itself decreased V-79 cell survival by 20 %. It increased the effect of gamma-radiation on clonogenicity with dose modification factor (DMF) ≈1.4, and had only additive effect for hyperthermic treatment (42 or 43 °C, 30 min), which itself decreased clonogenicity by 1.14 times. Gemzar (3 μg/ml) was tested on SCC7 cells, itself decreasing cell clonogenicity by 1.15 times. At this concentration gemzar substantially increased radiation damage, decreasing cell clonogenicity by 1.68 times. The DMF of hyperthermic treatment after radiation was only 1.07. The loss of cell clonogenicity in case of irradiation and following hyperthermia was increased by gemzar with DMF 1.8. The modifying effect of paclitaxel was studied also on SCC7 cells, but using suppression of cell growth as an end-point. At the concentration 0,068 μʠpaclitaxel diminished cell growth by 20 %, increased the effect of radiation with DMF = 1.3 and effect of hyperthermia by 10 %. Hyperthermic treatment (43 °C, 30 min) itself increased the effect of radiation with DMF=1.4. Due to its own effect on the cell growth and modification of radiosensitivity, the outcome of cell irradiation in the presence of paclitaxel was 1.58 times (DMF) larger than the effect of radiation alone.

Conclusion: These data demonstrates that the combined effect of radio-thermoradiotherapy and chemotherapy of tumors exceeds the additive effect of these three modalities. The largest modifying effect is shown by gemzar, and this corresponds to the data of other investigators. It is also essential to estimate the degree of chemotherapeutic radiothermotreatment’s modification for different normal tissues and cells.

Key words: v-79 and SCC7 cells, gamma-radiation, hyperthermia, cisplatin, gemzar, paclitaxel


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For citation: Wainson AA, Mescherikova VV, Tkachev SI. Radio-thermomodifying Effects of Cisplatin, Gemzar and Paclitaxel on Tumor Cells in vitro. Medical Radiology and Radiation Safety. 2016;61(2):25-9. Russian.

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