CONTENTS № 4 - 2020

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Radiation safety


Factors Influencing the Health Condition of the Adult Population Residing in the Activity Area of Atomic Industry Enterprise

D.E. Kalinkin, R.M. Takhauov, A.B. Karpov, Yu.A. Samoilova, M.B. Plaksin, Yu.V. Semenova, A.R. Takhauov, E.N. Kiriakidi, L.R. Takhauova

Radiation medicine


Study of 239Pu Microdistribution in Lung of Mayak Workers Using Neutron-Activated Measurement Method

S.A. Sypko, G.N. Bobov, V.E. Vvedensky, A.V. Nazarenkova


Long-Term Mental Disorders in the Accident-Exposed Population of the Southern Urals

E.Y. Burtovaia, T.E. Kantina, E.A. Litvinchuk


Immune Status of a Man Long after Chronic Radiation Exposure

A.A. Akleyev


Apoptosis of Lymphocytes and Polymorphisms of Apoptosis Regulation Genes in Individuals Exposed to Chronic Radiation Exposure

E.A. Blinova, A.I. Kotikova, М.А. Yanishevskaya, A.V. Akleyev


Neocortex (Frontal and Temporal Lobe) Discirculatory Lesions of the Chernobyl Accident Liquidators at the Remote Period (Based on Diffusion Tensor MRI Data)

S.S. Aleksanin, S.V. Serebryakova, I.M. Levashkina

radiation epidemiology


Risk of Various Types of Cataracts in a Cohort of Mayak Workers Following Chronic Occupational Exposure to Ionizing Radiation

T.V. Azizova, N. Hamada, E.S. Grigoryeva, E.V. Bragin


Solid Cancer Incidence Risk among the Population Exposed
in the East Urals Radioactive Trace over 1957–2014

S.S. Silkin, L.Y. Krestinina, A.V. Akleyev


Evaluation of Effects of Diagnostic Exposure Using Data from Epidemiological Registry of Ozyorsk Population Exposed to Computed Tomography

M.V. Osipov, E.P. Fomin, M.E. Sokolnikov


Radiation Risk of Leukemia Incidence and Mortality in the Pooled Cohort of Nuclear Industry Workers of Russia and Great Britain

I.S. Kuznetsova, M. Gillies


Registry for Chronic Radiation Sickness in a Cohort of Mayak PA Workers Exposed to Ionizing Radiation

T.V. Azizova, M.V. Bannikova, E.S. Grigoryeva, G.V. Zhuntova, M.B. Moseeva, E.V. Bragin