Medical Radiology and Radiation Safety. 2019. Vol. 64. No. 5. P. 71–72

DOI: 10.12737/1024-6177-2019-64-5-71-72

А.S. Samoylov, Е.V. Goloborodko, T.A. Astrelina, E.V. Dedova, I.V. Chukovskaya, T.V. Gubaeva

Legal Aspects of Evaluating the Genetic Consequences of Medical Exposure

A.I. Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Center, Moscow, Russia.
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A.S. Samoylov – Director General, Prof. RAS, Dr. Sci. Med.;
E.V. Goloborodko – Head of Dep., Scientific Secretary, PhD Med.;
T.A. Astrelina – Head of Center for Biomedical Technologies, Dr. Sci. Мed., Assoc. Prof.;
E.V. Dedova – Deputy Executive Director on Legal Issues;
I.V. Chukovskaya – Deputy Head of Legal Department;
T.V. Gubaeva – Legal Adviser


Legal aspects of the application of medical technologies related to the use of ionizing radiation sources.
Constitutional aspects of genetic research.
Problems of legal regulation of genetic risks.

Key words: medical exposure, nuclear medicine, patient safety, genetic consequences, legal aspects


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For citation: Samoylov АS, Goloborodko ЕV, Astrelina TA, Dedova EV, Chukovskaya IV, Gubaeva TV. Legal Aspects of Evaluating the Genetic Consequences of Medical Exposure. Medical Radiology and Radiation Safety. 2019;64(5): 71-2. (English).

DOI: 10.12737/1024-6177-2019-64-5-71-72

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