CONTENTS № 3 - 2020

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Radiation biology


Basic Approaches to the Extrapolation of Data of Animals to Human in Radiobiological Experiment

I.V. Ivanov, I.B. Ushakov

Radiation safety


Assessment of the Contribution of Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Technogenic Risks Formation for the Population of the City Dimitrovgrad

A.A. Arakelyan, M.V. Vedernikova, E.A. Gavrilina, K.A. Pechkurova


Operational Values of Radioactive Skin Contamination in the Case of Radiological Accident

M.I. Grachev, Yu.A. Salenko, Yu.V. Abramov, G.P. Frolov, V.N. Klochkov, B.A. Kukhta, I.K. Tesnov


About of the Necessary of Corrections of the NRB-99/2009
and OSPORB-99/2010

B.E. Serebryakov

Radiation epidemiology


Examination of the Health Status of the Population in the Vicinity of the Nerpa Shipyard Involved in the Decommission and Dismantlement of the Nuclear Legacy Facility – FTB Lepse

A.M. Lyaginskaya, N.K. Shandala, S.M. Kiselev, A.P. Ermalitsky, D.V. Isaev, V.V. Kuptsov


The Health of Workers with the Intake of Radionuclides in Case of Skin Damage

A.V. Guryev, A.R. Tukov, A.Yu. Bushmanov, M.Yu. Kalinina, A.V. Zubov


Forecast of Radiation Risks of the Population in the Contaminated 137Cs Territories of Russia, in Accordance with Current ICRP Recommendations

A.N. Menyajlo, V.V. Kashcheev, E.A. Pryakhin, S.Yu. Chekin, М.А. Maksioutov, K.A. Tumanov, V.K. Ivanov

Non-ionizing radiation


Postradiation Effects of Low Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation with a Frequency of 900 MHz in Rat Liver

M.S. Petrosyan, L.S. Nersesova, E.M. Karalova, A.S. Avetisyan, L.O. Abroyan, L.A. Akopian, M.G. Gazaryants, J.I. Akopian

Radiation physics, technology and dosimetry


Size Distribution, Morphology and Elemental Composition of Aerosol Particles
on the Fabrication of Mixed Nitride Uranium-Plutonium Fuel

A.G. Tsovyanov, A.E. Karev, S.M. Shinkarev, I.P. Korenkov,
A.S. Samoylov, V.A. Stebelkov, A.V. Zhukov, K.M. Izmestyev, S.G. Terentiev



International and National Approaches to the Conducting of Iodine Thyroid Blocking in the Accident of a Nuclear Reactor

E.G. Metlyaev, L.S. Bogdanova, M.I. Grachev, Yu.A. Salenko, G.P. Frolov, A.M. Lyaginskaya



The Use of X-ray Computed Tomography to Assess the Intrathyroidal Iodine Concentration and its Storage in the Thyroid Gland

I.O. Tomashevskiy, I.A. Kurnikova, R.V. Sargar



To Discussion on Amendments to the Federal Law as of 09.01.1996 No. 3-FZ
«About Radiation Safety of the Public»

S.M. Shinkarev, O.A. Kochetkov, V.N. Klochkov, V.G. Barchukov

Health and the pandemic


Lessons for Health Service: the Chernobyl Accident and the COVID-19 Pandemic

A.Yu. Bushmanov, I.A. Galstyan, V.Yu. Soloviev, M.V. Konchalovsky


Radiation Treatment of Protective Overalls and Selection of Personal Protection Equipment for the Personnel Exposed to Coronavirus Infection

A.S. Samoylov, Yu.D. Udalov, V.I. Rubtsov, V.P. Zinoviev, I.V. Olenina, A.N. Timoshenko, V.V. Andreev, Yu.A. Bushmanov, A.V. Belousov, A.S. Kretov, N.A. Seleznev, Yu.E. Smirnov



Commemoration of V. F. Demin


Commemoration of V. N. Maltsev